Hi, I'm Aeryk Payne.

Interaction + 3D Designer

Hi, I'm Aeryk Payne

I’m a interactive + 3D designer living in Greenville SC. I currently spend most of my time running Nicer. I also work as a contract designer for few great teams.

Skills & Awards

Through my education and work experience I have gained profiency in Creative Suites, Sketch, 3D modeling, and front end development. Some people have been so kind as to recognize these skills.

  • EP + Co Workplace Recognition (2016)
  • Best in Desgin NKO (2016)
  • Regional Addy Award (2015)

Curriculum Vitae

2014 //

Interned at EP + Co where I continued on as a freelance designer while finishing schooling.

2015 //

Interned at Atlas Local. Graduated in May 2015 with a BFA in Graphic Design. Hired on as a Studio Designer for EP + Co. Intern designer & product manager for Arbitrary

2016 //

Promoted to Art Director at EP + Co. Started up Nicer with a few close friends. Published my first App in the App Store.

2017 //

Left EP + Co to run Nicer Fulltime. Launched my first SaaS product through nicer, Smallchat