Agency Work

I've been in advertising for about 2 years. Over the course of which I've had the privilege to work with some great companys.

And while we all know not every project in advertising is one for the books here are a few that were particularly enjoyable to work on.

Utilizing the unique way twitter handles images in a feed vs in a lightbox made a great opportunity for this hidden image post. Check out in action @lenovo

Helping TUMI take advantage of facebooks new canvas ad.

While at EP I helped set up and organize an annual hackathon. Providing designers and developers an opportunity to work outside their daily teams and create some awesome stuff.

An exhausting shoot but well worth it. You can watch the final video here

Find More Online:

I spend a good bit of my day online working or playing. You can find me on dribbble, twitter or BeHance usually while listening to rdio. man, still miss them . . .